Thursday, December 7, 2017

Aboriginal Art

This week we had to do aboriginal art.
First I had to make a background.
Second I started adding dots.
Third I started adding symbols to tell a story.
Last I wrote a story on Google Docs.
So here is my story I guess.
Once upon a time there was a tribe sitting around their warm campfire when suddenly, they heard some footsteps on the weak leaves. It was an animal! They got their spears and other weapons, and went to the river to find the animal. 
Once they were at the river they got battling. After a while they finally won.  

Monday, November 27, 2017

A&P Show

Last week we did learning about the A&P show.
We were told to pick things off a sheet to do.
The thing I did was ride design, first what we did was write the name of our slide and the safety features.
Then we wrote down the cost and why people would want to ride.
Last we showed what it would look like.
This is my work:

Name: Supa-Slide
Safety features: No knifes, you might puncture the ride. Fun: 12/10
What it looks like: It is colored blue with purple stripes, with water flowing fast.
What you do on it: You ride down a giant 100 meter long slide on a rolling Zorb Ball.
Cost: $5 CAD
Why people would want to ride it: Because the ride takes a while and it’s fun and gives you a break from boredom, you also get to choose if you want to take the slow, medium, or fast lane, and you get to choose the color of your Zorb Ball.
Here is what it would look like (excuse my great art skills).

The next activity I chose was a recount.
We had to write at least 3 paragraphs.
But I did 4 instead.
It was taking a long time to get to the A&P show but we got there eventually.
Once we got there we went straight to the Tip-Top family area. We decided to go onto a cylinder version of a Zorb Ball, it was fun.
We then went to the food truck to get hot chips and they tasted good.

After that we ate lunch, Rhys bought an electric shock bubble gum for $2.50.
It actually felt nice, it didn’t hurt that much.
After that we went to get a stick we saw other people have and we liked.
We decided to poke things with it, which was fun.

After that we decided to get an Ice Cream because it was hot outside.
Once we finished eating our Ice Cream we went to the slides and thought about riding on one of them, but instead we decided to take a look at old machines then look at the motorcycles.
After that we went back to the lunch area because there was a lolly scramble, I didn’t get much candy because someone knocked me over and made me lose all of it.

After all of that it was time to go home, we got a bit lost so we decided to think at the wood chopping competition, after that we finally found our way to the car (which took a while because the car was far away.) After that we were back at school.

The last thing I chose was a photobook, I decided to choose the highlights of the trip and put them into the photobook.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Rainmaker Fail

This Monday we were told to make a story about this short called The Oceanmaker.
This is the short if you want to watch it.

First we had to watch the video.
Then we talked about what we felt during watching it.
After that we talked about things like the plane and the area she was in and came up with some sentences describing that. 
Then we did some planning, to 'help' our writing.
Then we started doing the actual writing.

This is my story, please give me feedback on what I can improve.

Rainmaker Fail
Jeff is flying around a desert in his giant  plane. The desert used to be an ocean but it dried up long ago, it’s as hot as a fire now.
Jeff is from New Zealand and he is trying to make it rain for once in the desert. He tries to find a cloud and 10 minutes later, at last, he finally found the cloud, time to make it rain. He was about to make the Rainmaker…
Suddenly, his plane breaks down! He was trying to do something to fix it. As loud as a jet engine he shouted “Help me!” Sadly it was no use trying, he just sat there waiting to crash.
Crazily, he didn’t die! He only had an injury on his right arm, and that’s ok since he was left-handed. He has hope, he walks away and waits for another cloud, just in time too, because if he didn’t he would’ve been blown up by his broken plane.

He waited and waited when suddenly another cloud came! He got his Rainmake out and pointed it at the cloud, it worked, until it ran out of batteries 20 seconds later.
He hoped he still had enough, but the only thing that actually happened was a few droplets of water that evaporated the second it hit the front.
He desperately looks around for something that could make it work, he decided to make his own do it yourself batteries out of parts from his plane and other materials.
He used his: Spare cardboard, copper, metal and more to make his own batteries!
After an hour of hard working he finally made the batteries, he stuck it into his Rainmaker but it sadly exploded.
Apparently it was because the batteries were in the wrong way. And then the cloud disappears… It was yet another failure of trying to make it rain.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Netiquette Stuff :D

Today for cybersmart we learnt netiquette.
Netiquette is almost like etiquette except on the internet.
We had to make a copy of a google slide about netiquette then do a video notes and a mindmup.
It was hard to do the mindmup since I had only used it once.
It was fun doing the video notes.
Below is a slide of my work.

This is my mindmup.
(You have to scroll along to see it.)

These are my notes.
Hope you enjoyed! :D

Monday, September 11, 2017

Scratch Tutorial

After posting my digi awards project I was thinking, maybe I should teach people how to use scratch?
So I did!
If you don't know, scratch is a website you can use to code games with code blocks.
Step one: Add a when ⚐ clicked button in the events column.

Next, record your own sounds by clicking on the sound tab in the middle-top then click on the microphone button to record a sound, then drag in the play sound [sound name] underneath the  when ⚐ clicked button, they should be connected, then click the ⚐ button and it will play your sound.

Then, add a move 10 steps block.

It should play your sound then move a bit across the screen.

Then, add the say [text] for [number] secs, you can change the text and numbers if you want.

 Click the ⚐ button and it will move a pit, play your sound, and say your text for your chosen amount of seconds!

Now you have made a simple scratch thing yay! :D
I hope you learnt lots.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

We Won Digi Awards!

Yesterday I was invited to a digi awards presentation of all the digi awards winners.
And (surprisingly,) my group won!
We made a scratch game named... Block The Bullies!
It is a game where you have to click on a bully to block them. Every 8 bullies reported you level up. Once you get 16 bullies reported you unlock the store, once you have 20 you can get a bully filter which gives you a bully reported every 5 seconds, once you get 50 bullies reported you can get a bully reported every 4 seconds. Once you get 500 bullies reported you get a bully nuke, and that means you win the game.

This is our digi awards plan ⬇⬇⬇
Digi Awards Plan
By Rhys,Saxon,Elias

Game Overview

Game Name:
Block The Bullies

Made By: Rhys,Elias and Saxon
Made With: Scratch + A Website For The Game

How to play: Your mouse is a sTAHP.png sign. You have to hover your mouse over the bully and click for 1 bully reported, every time you click on it, the bully moves to a different place. To report the bully’s you have to drag your mouse over to them and click them.

If You Have 20 Bullies
Blocked You can Buy A filter That Will Automatically block 1 type of bully
every 5 Seconds

Play the game here ⬇⬇⬇

Hope you enjoyed playing! :D

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Creative Commenting!

This Wednesday for cybersmart we have been making a project like a google slide or a scratch program about making a quality blog comment!
We chose out of 2 videos and made a video notes about them.
Here is the video.

And these are my notes.

Last but not least, my scratch project! (You might need to update flash to watch it.)